Bahrom T. Samatov     (Namangan State University, 316 Uychi Str., Namangan, 116019, Uzbekistan)
Ulmasjon B. Soyibboev     (Namangan State University, 316 Uychi Str., Namangan, 116019, Uzbekistan)


In this paper, we study the well-known problem of Isaacs called the "Life line" game when movements of players occur by acceleration vectors, that is, by inertia in Euclidean space. To solve this problem, we investigate the dynamics of the attainability domain of an evader through finding solvability conditions of the pursuit-evasion problems in favor of a pursuer or an evader. Here a pursuit problem is solved by a parallel pursuit strategy. To solve an evasion problem, we propose a strategy for the evader and show that the evasion is possible from given initial positions of players. Note that this work develops and continues studies of Isaacs, Petrosjan, Pshenichnii, Azamov, and others performed for the case of players' movements without inertia.


Differential game, Pursuit, Evasion, Acceleration, Strategy, Attainability domain, Lifeline.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15826/umj.2021.2.007

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