Polina A. Yurovskikh     (Krasovskii Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 16 S.Kovalevskaya Str., Ekaterinburg, 620108, Russian Federation)


We consider a set membership estimation problem for linear non-stationary systems for which initial states belong to a compact set and uncertain disturbances in an observation equation are integrally restricted. We prove
that the exact information set of the system can be approximated by a set of external ellipsoids in the absence of disturbances in the dynamic equation.
There are three examples of linear systems. Two examples illustrate the main theorem of the paper, the latter one shows the possibility of generalizing the theorem to the case with disturbances in the dynamic equation.


Set membership estimation, Filtration, Approximation, Information set, Ellipsoid approach

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